Sunday, 18 October 2009


ALBUM OF THE WEEK - 19/10/09
Following the release of Deerhunter's 'Microcastle' last year, the Atlanta, Georgia group's lynchpin Bradford Cox returns to his solo guise, atlas sound, for another round of ethereal pop genius with 'logos'. Following 'let the blind lead those who can see but cannot feel', Cox’s debut solo release, 'logos' is released through 4ad / Kranky. A more widescreen, pop rooted affair than the fragile, introverted, experimental debut from last year, with the epic 'walkabout', a collaboration between Cox and Noah Lennox (panda bear), put together whilst he was on tour with animal collective in Europe, lying at the heart of the album. Combining their love for tape loops and doo-wop, the single lifts the hook from the Dovers' classic 1966 garage track 'what am i going to do?' to form a glorious summertime jam. Elsewhere Stereolab's Laetitia Sadler also appears - an artist who also toured with Bradford last year - she lends her vocals to the epic ambient Motorik number, 'quick canal'. While still retaining the bedroom charm, and the ethereal beauty that marks Cox’s solo work, this breathtaking album also reveals the subtle, yet grand pop sensibility lurking behind his sonic aesthetic.

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